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Jeffrey Jones

Jeff is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and holds certifications of Certified Addiction Counselor III, ARISE Interventionist, and Certified Intervention Professional. He has expanded the context of addiction and created a three-phase program that empowers families to safeguard their loved one in an addictive cycle or recovery, while they engage in a process to stop the addiction cycle in this generation. It is learning the three linear phases and integrating them into interactions, which takes repetition – but over time, increases resiliency and allows for addiction in the family to be an opportunity for transformation for the whole family.

Jeff was inspired to create a more collaborative approach to healing – by working with the family as a whole. Why? The answer is simple AND complex at the same time – the bottom line is that healthy family members allow healing to happen in the short-term and continue to heal far into the future.

I hope to see you and your family in the Family Recovery Community

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A community dedicated to building remarkable outcomes.


Jeff Jones

Community Leader

River of Recovery Wednesday

Every Wednesday, the community comes together to discuss issues relevant to addiction, recovery and more. We talk about the various roles within the family and how they can contribute to recovery, as well as chat about any recovery-related questions that might arise. Be with others who are sharing your journey can make a significant, positive impact in your life. Learn from others. Let others learn from you.


Jeff Jones

Community Leader

Frequently Asked Fridays

Every Friday, the community comes together in a forum that empowers members to ask questions - and have them answered. Community members are encouraged to send their questions throughout the week, or to simply ask them during our get-together. Meaningful transformation begins with meaningful connection. Bring your wisdom and your questions to an “Addiction in the Family” open forum of questions and answers.


Jeff Jones

Community Leader

Coming soon... Share Your Story Saturdays

There’s a lot of opportunities for individuals who have had their own transformation with addiction to speak out and tell their story. This is beneficial for the one speaking out as well as for others to hear, learn, and gather inspiration and new ideas. This is an opportunity for individuals who have been or are in the role of family member of an addicted loved one to speak out, share what stage of the process they are in now, and what they’ve learned.


Jeff Jones

Community Leader

Coming soon... Set the Stage Sunday

Here we shine light on the slow progressive stages of addiction, the slow progressive stages of impact on family members, and how understanding both are crucial for best outcomes - short term with your addicted loved one, and longterm with the level of connectedness in the family.

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